I'm in Asia, but grew up on the East coast, and a team in NYC. We have a couple thousand restaurant customers, similar to the profile of Tock's customers (just +12 timezones away). The traditional restaurant business model was being broken across APAC before Covid-19, disrupted on all fronts.

Same factors affecting/disrupting restaurateurs here as in the US.

"The industry wants to get back to doing what they do best" here as well, but it's is less likely than ever that will be viable. With respect, a difficult truth spoken in love is more helpful than advocacy.

The traditional restaurant business model most trained chefs have learned, and most restauranteurs are used to, is very likely now permanently broken. 'Great food & good service in a comfortable establishment' isn’t sufficient to operate successfully for many (many) restaurants. Generating a sustainable operating margin is going to require restauranteurs to experimenting with business models and operating structures/processes they are not yet comfortable with.

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