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It's so fun to hear you talk about food/travel advice from your mom. She and I are Jewish women of a certain age who love to travel and discover things that only locals know about. I give the exact same advice to my teenage nieces all the time.

Also as someone who was obsessed with the original version of The Parent Trap, I adored your Talmudic scholarship on the peanut butter oreos. I don't recall a ton about the remake except the cast was quite good, possibly even better than the original cast.

Keep up the great writing. It's funny I used to have IRL meetings in the 90s with your Dad a bunch when I was an equity research analyst covering internet companies. I only know your mom through her blog which I have been reading for years. And obviously I only know you through your writing but even through that I can see that you are your parents' child. Stay safe and keep eating good stuff.

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